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The Board of Directors

The SOA has a 15 member Board of Directors elected from the ranks of both Trainer/Drivers and Owners. Each board member serves for an elected term of three years, without compensation of any kind.

Expiring 2017 Expiring 2018 Expiring 2019

Michael Forte

Irv Atherton Joseph A. Faraldo

Edward Fucci

John Brennan

Tyler Buter

Sandra Kaufman

Henry Gargiulo Ray Schnittker

Stanley Noga

Michael Kimelman Chris Wittstruck

Jordan Stratton

Peter Venaglia Peter Younger

2017 Officers

Officers are elected to a one year term by Board members.

Joseph A. Faraldo President
Peter Venaglia 1st Vice President
Irv Atherton 2nd Vice President
John Brennan 3rd Vice President
Irv Atherton Treasurer
John Brennan Secretary
2017 Trustees

Trustees are elected by the Board to a one year term to address Health and Welfare issue

Peter Venaglia, Chairman
Irv Atherton
John Brennan
Joseph A. Faraldo
Jordan Stratton
Ray Schnittker, 1st Alternate
Henry Gargiulo, 2nd Alternate
Chris Wittstruck, 3rd Alternate

2017 Executive Committee

Joseph A. Faraldo
Michael Forte
Irv  Atherton
Peter Venaglia