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YONKERS, NY, Friday, October 24, 2014-An important wagering/refund notice from Yonkers Raceway.

Regarding the early Pick 4 wager from Saturday, Oct. 18th, Yonkers Raceway regrets any confusion caused by the late "barring" of two horses-Nuncio and Amped Up Hanover-from all wagering in the fourth race. Those horses should have been coupled as a wagering entry soon after the draw, but regrettably were not.

Anyone who wagered on either of those horses in the Pick 4 was, by New York State Gaming Commission rules, given the wagering favorite as a "replacement." When Nuncio (racing for purse money only) won the race and would have gone off as the heavy favorite, customers in many instances were left with a horse they did not choose.

While the rules state that a refund would also be available prior to the start of the wager (third race), we understand that this may not have been communicated to, or understood by, some guests either on track, at a simulcast location or on-line.

Yonkers Raceway has decided to refund any Pick 4 wager that had either of those two horses (Nuncio or Amped Up Hanover) included in the bet...and if your wager was made at, we are going to double the refund. Please bring your ticket to the mutuel office (4th floor), or send the ticket, or a screen shot from your wagering site confirming the wager, to...

Mutuel Manager
Yonkers Raceway
810 Yonkers Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10704

Please note the deadline for refund is Saturday, Nov. 15th. Again, Yonkers Raceway apologizes for any inconvenience this situation has caused and appreciates the continued support of our races.

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