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From the desk of Joe Faraldo - Being Thankful for....

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Nothing happens overnight, whether in this industry or elsewhere, but I'm thankful that the wheels have finally gotten into motion at Yonkers Raceway this year.

After years of status quo the horsemen finally took the initiative to try something different. The experiment of sending five trotting races on Sunday morning to Europe for wagering appears to be a success. From a visual standpoint on this side of the Atlantic Ocean the mile and one-quarter races along with fields of 10 and 12 horses is something all racing fans should be thankful for.

Like all experiments it takes time for the participants to adjust to the number of horses as well as the added distance, but we've seen a much more pleasing product over the last few weeks. We'd be thankful if the horsemen, and Yonkers management continued using large fields and added distances, even after the six-week French experiment comes to an end.
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