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USTA District 8A meets at Yonkers Raceway

USTA District 8A meets at Yonkers Raceway
Sunday, January 25, 2015 -from USTA District 8A

Yonkers, NY---Despite warnings about a predicted snowy and icy Saturday afternoon in lower New York, 40 intently interested and concerned U.S.T.A. members, including some of the sport's most prominent owners, attended the annual meeting of U.S.T.A. District 8A in the Good Time Room of Yonkers Raceway.

Re-elected District --A Chairman Joseph Faraldo, and directors Mike Kimelman, Jordan Stratton and newly reappointed track director Bob Galterio lead discussions concerning a variety of controversial issues, including questions involving the efficacy of cobalt as a performance enhancer and the proper establishment of a scientific baseline for the substance. In addition, the significance, or lack thereof, of the U.S.T.A.'s $250,000 per year social media campaign and what metric there is, if any, to measure the effectiveness of this effort were considered. With regard to television coverage, the existing metric has not been made public, as it was barely able to be measured; an extremely disappointing circumstance.

USTA rule change proposals were thoroughly discussed and voted upon:

-Approving in principle proposal # 1's intent, but recommending that all distance numbers in the uniform pylon proposal be revised at the annual March meeting.

=Rejecting proposal # 2 which seeks to prohibit a driver with a financial interest in more than one horse in a race from driving therein.

-Approving as a group all Racing Under Saddle proposed regulations embodied in proposals 3, 5, 6 and 8.

-Rejecting proposal # 4 mandating that drivers with but one exception may not remove any foot from the stirrups, and recommending that the inconsistent provision in current rule 18.08 in the last sentence be deleted from that rule.

-Approving proposal # 7 eliminating the need to qualify when adding or removing hobbles for horses on either gait.

-Lastly, approving staff's recommendation to the registration rule and flat fee for non- extended pari-mutuel meetings found in proposals 9 and 10.

The group then enjoyed a buffet dinner in the track dining room during the conduct of Yonkers 12 race Saturday night live card.

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