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During the three-week, end-of-year hiatus, the broadcast control room was completely overhauled and upgraded to accommodate high-definition transmission. All cameras involved in the broadcast are now HD, including those used to 'shoot' the races as well as winner's circle, paddock, drivers' building and our eye-in-the-sky drone.

Yonkers is also offering an innovative graphics package, from post parade/statistical information to prices to driver head shots. The long-awaited movement of the finish line is scheduled to be finalized early in the 2017 season, leading to other upgrades.

"We're very excited to complete this project," Mike Rooney, the Raceway's Director of Media Convergence, said. "It was time, since much of the equipment has been in use since we reopened in 2006.

"The new equipment and technology allows us to offer the best video product available, and I'm sure our fans are going to notice a big difference."

Images from the last vestiges of the old control room as well as the brand, spanking new one accompany this release.

The Raceway's January schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (first post 7:10 PM), with the two other Sundays (15th and 29th) currently as TBA.

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