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A brand-new, 17,398 infusion created a total pool (after takeout) of $20,849 and some change.

The winning combination was...

2-Diamond Cowboy ($10.40)
4-Santanna One ($9.80)
4-Rock Absorber ($5.90)
4-Analyze ($10.80)
3-Macho Chick ($6.10, Tyler Buter's fourth win in 10-race card)

returning $969.50 for every correct half-a-buck wager.

The Pick 5 is a 50-cent base investment comprising races 6 through 10 (for programs with 10 races...if more, then it goes as races 7 through 11). It has no consolation payoff, meaning if no one selects all five winners (as was the case Monday and Tuesday nights), the entire pool (minus takeout) moves to the next racing program.

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