National Racing Compact License

You can apply for a National Racing Compact license as an owner, trainer, or driver. NRC charges a 3-year fee of $225, which includes an FBI record-check.


NRC archives your fingerprints, you will never be fingerprinted again. NRC can print state fingerprint cards for you, and electronically resubmit your original fingerprints.


The NRC license is valid, on paying the state licensing fee, in nine member-state harness jurisdictions: CA, DE, FL, KY, MD, NJ, NY, VA, and WV. NRC licensees simply call NRC toll-free (877-457-2548) to add another state. NRC staff immediately provides all paperwork to each state licensing office, including your state fee payments using your credit card or funds on account, so that you can immediately race.


Seven participating jurisdictions require only their licensing fee, and little or no paperwork, to issue a state/provincial owners license: IL, IN, IA, MI, PA, OH, and Ontario. NRC staff will submit your documents (fingerprints, application form, photograph) and process your state fee payments for you.


If co-owners are NRC licensed, then NRC can issue your stable (partnership, etc.) a national ownership-entity/stable-name license. One NRC application form will be all the paperwork you and your co-owners will complete to register and license your ownership entity or stable name in these 16 jurisdictions. Your stable must be U.S.T.A. registered.


NRC maintains a convenient website with online individual application forms and your current license information for these 16 jurisdictions. NRC will only license persons with no significant licensing issues (see website for details), including excellent criminal and racing records, in good standing, and financially sound. Trainers and drivers must also be experienced (100 starts in past 3 years), licensed in a rigorous-background jurisdiction (IL, NJ, or NY), and licensed by the U.S.T.A. Follow the link below to start your the application process.

Online Application

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